Genre Konzerte
Einlass / Beginn 19.00 Uhr / 20.00 Uhr
Ort eventhalle Westpark
Veranstalter eventhalle Westpark GmbH
VVK/AK 18,70 € / 22,00 €
  inkl. MwSt. & VVK Gebühren

KISS Forever Band

Europe's official #1 KISS tribute band


The band was formed in 1995 with the object to occasionally join together and perform the songs of their favourite band,the legendary KISS.The band started receiving more and more invitations to perform year by year,the turn-a-round was in 1998 when they got the first chance to have a tour in Germany.Slowly it was growing up from 4-5 shows/year to 70-80 shows/year all around Europe,ranging from Austria,Switzerland,The United Kingdom,The Netherlands,Italy,Spain,Sweden,Finland,Norway to Russia,Malta,Czech Republic,Ukraine and Portugal’s biggest festivals and clubs.
Until October 2014 the band was performed over 1,000 shows in 27 different countries!
The concert programm of the band goes way back to the early works of KISS to today.Other than hit songs,they play a few surprise numbers ,without the demand of entirety Deuce” , Rock and roll all nite” , Crazy nights” , I was made for lovin’ you” , Detroit rock city” , Lick it up”, Beth” or War machine” , Hard times” , Parasite” , etc.
In January 2012 the band won the official title of No.1 european KISS tribute band” as the only KISS tribute band from Europe on the 4 bands final in Las Vegas/United States, organized by KISS Monster Mini Golf”.More than 200 bands all around the world wanted to get the final but just 4 got the chance to flew to Las Vegas,so KISS Forever Band was there among to 2 american and 1 australian KISS tribute band.

Countries from much further away are showing great interest in the band as well regarding their 20th Anniversary World Tour” in 2015,it seems Canada,Japan and naturally Europe will not be left without KISS Forever Band concerts this year.